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Mini-ShieldUSA 🇺🇸

Mini-ShieldUSA provides a quick and effective way to help protect yourself as well as others from the spread of droplets without any visual obstruction.

In today’s fast-paced world, moving forward with precautions is the way go.

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Facial Recognition

On top of allowing the wide palette of natural expressions of the human face to be seen, our clear and unobtrusive face shields allows for the use of facial recognition software without having to remove your Personal Protection Equipment!

A Fit For Everyone

Mini-ShieldUSA offers different styles and sizes to fit all your personal and specific needs.


Our patented new Light-weight face shields are made from extra-light material that will make you feel as if you were wearing almost nothing on your face.


“Wow!  When you switch from the conventional, restrictive mask, you really feel like you’ve taken off a mask completely.  I’m able to see people’s expressions again and I don’t have to deal with heavy bands pulling my ears all day.  I love this shield.”

Jeff Price :: Design Engineering Group Leader Ganassi Racing Shop ::

I love that Mini-ShieldUSA lets me multitask. It shields droplets while allowing me to show my full face. I can be “clear” with my kids when I’m communicating with them in public.

Kamar de los Reyes :: Actor::

Sometimes I just want a clear simple barrier that not only helps to stop the spread of droplets, but lets me breathe and communicate easier. 

Mike Sleath :: Drummer for Shawn Mendes ::

I look forward to being able to see and communicate in a more personal manner, with our costumers as well as our associates. MiniShieldUSA is making this pandemic a slight bit easier to handle.

Yoandra Martínez Roche :: Assistant manager Home Depot Fayetteville, GA ::


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